Eurovision 2022: Ukraine Wins Europe’s prestigious Music Competition

Kalush Orchestra edged the UK group to emerge winners at Eurovision 2022

Zelensky congratulates group, promises to host Eurovision 2023

Spain finishes third after an impressive performance

Kalush Orchestra, a Ukrainian musical band has won the 2022 Eurovision music and songwriting competition. The weeklong competition which pitches Europe’s top musical bands against one another ranked the passionate performance of the Ukrainian group above the representatives of the UK and Spain who finished second and third respectively. A list showing the final positions of the participating countries can be found here.

The Ukrainian group were voted the winners of one of Europe’s prestigious music competitions following the sensational performance of their hit rap lullaby, Stephania. Stephania combines elements of folk and modern hip hop to lament the woes of everyday life’s losses. 

Though originally written by the group leader,  Oleg Psyuk as an expression of nostalgic tribute to his mother prior to the Russian invasion, the song has however now taken a new meaning as an expression of the realities of the Ukrainian people.

The victory of the Ukrainian group has received great appreciation all across the world and has been further taken as an expression of the resilience of the Ukrainian people.  

Kalusha Orchestra At EurovisionIn a congratulatory Facebook post, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, leveraged the success of the group to express hope for a return to normality for the Ukrainian people. He also expressly put forward Ukraine as a potential host for the 2023 edition of the competition.

While the country is yet daily facing unimaginable losses due to the ongoing war, it is believed that the success of the Kalush Orchestra will communicate hope and resilience for the soldiers on the battlefield as well as the rest of the Ukrainian community.

You can watch the winning performance of Stefania from Kalusha orchestra here

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