Eva Alordiah Speaks On Depression And Why She Took Break From Music In Social Media Post

Once a well-known female rapper, singer, and composer in Nigeria, Eva Alordiah had a growing fan base that valued her talent until she virtually vanished from view. For a few years, the rapper was not talked about except in fan circle conversations. Naturally, her admirers and music enthusiasts missed her and her fiery rap style, which once had music lovers in a chokehold.
After making a comeback to the spotlight, the celebrity has now taken time off to reveal how she overcame depression. She disclosed why she had to take a break from her successful music career, as well as how she fell into financial ruin and despair. According to Eva, she had fallen on hard times, felt burned out, and was on the brink of “losing it” altogether. This necessitated a break from the spotlight while she found herself again. She disclosed that at that particular period, the break was essential and was all she needed to reconnect again.
Since then, she has invested in books, had to have new self-discovery experiences, and tried her hand at several business endeavours. Eva convinced herself that, looking back on her path and how it had all played out, it was worthwhile and that there was no other way for her to have it. In addition to engaging admirers in the comments section of her heartfelt post, she also shared her experience on Twitter.

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