Fabulous Comes After DoorDash Delivery Driver Who Stole Items From His Car

Most food delivery drivers aren’t always as ethical as we’ve come to discover from personal experiences and even from social media. Some eat a portion of the food before dropping it off to customers, others take delivery orders and along the way, decide not to deliver the meals at all. For Fabolous, however, the experience was different. He caught a driver on cam breaking into his car and making away with his personal effects.

Fab shared a video on his IG page which showed a hooded young man coming out of a vehicle, having several boxes of shoes in his possession. In the caption, the rapper uncovered that it was the handiwork of a DoorDash driver that works for someone else in the neighborhood who, after having patrolled the area, stumbled upon a vehicle with luxury items in it, and decided to cart them away.

Unfortunately for the petty thief, the car in question belonged to Fabolous, with surveillance cams planted all around. “Yesterday afternoon a DOOR DASH DELIVERY GUY bringing a order to someone else in NEW JERSEY decided to STEAL me & my Son’s sneakers & clothes out of my car !!!” wrote the rapper, alongside footage of the theft.

Fabolous went on to add that if the items are returned quickly and in one piece, he wouldn’t have to involve DoorDash or the authorities.

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