Fake Naira : Portable’s Responds To Being Showered With Fake Cash At Concert

After being doused with counterfeit bills at his concert in Shagamu, Ogun State, Nigerian singer Portable recently vented his frustration and displeasure on social media, this is brought on by the country’s current shortage of naira notes, which has caused concertgoers to create their own money to throw during performances.

He showed duplicate currency fans showered on him in a video he posted on his Instagram. He condemned the federal government’s failure and attributed the scarcity that resulted in this occurrence to the government’s inability to produce enough official naira notes.

He also used the occasion to urge Nigerians to maintain their safety despite the nation’s insecurity.

The Nigerian singer himself is not unfamiliar with disputes or arguments. However, he claimed that his motivations for constantly inciting confrontation do not stem from selfishness.

He claims he always gets into arguments online because he wants to defend what is properly his. However, in an interview with Timi Agbaje a few weeks ago, he stated that if he does not confront or humiliate individuals online, they will take advantage of him, just like they did when he initially gained notoriety.

The road to stardom for Portable was not a simple one. Following many setbacks, he was eventually signed by a major record label. Despite this achievement, he still faced challenges because of the ignorance he first showed. As a result, he was exploited and nearly robbed of all of his earnings. This event made him more self-aware of the industry, making him want to defend himself and fight for what is appropriately his even more.

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