Falz And Mr. Macaroni Collaborate To Amaze A Physically Challenged Fan

Nigerian entertainers, Falz and Mr. Macaroni, have given a physically challenged person reasons to smile from ear to ear this festive season. The rapper and renowned skit maker-cum-comedian visited an autistic patient after learning of his love for them through the footage that showed the young man expressing his love for both entertainers. So you can imagine how unreal it was for him when he saw Falz and Macaroni pull up to his parent’s house.

Both entertainers, accompanied by their teams, stepped from their rides and exchanged pleasantries before marching together to the house of the physically challenged fan. Upon their entrance, everyone in the house was so happy, but a different kind of joy came into the room when the autistic fan showed up with shock and a big, uncontrollable smile, which got even bigger when Falz disclosed to him that they had seen his video.

He hugged both entertainers, who then took photos with him and his family after presenting them with gifts. The experience was heartwarming to behold, but Falz and Macaroni eventually had to leave. As they drove away, the physically challenged fan waved goodbye while Macaroni decided to drop a stack of cash with the boy’s father as he bade them adieu. There may be a reason to believe in humankind, after all. Check out the footage from the visit below.

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