Fans Are Worried By Rumors That Dancehall Artist, Spice, Is Unconscious

The Queen of Dancehall is a title that Spice, whose true name is Grace Latoya Hamilton, has earned for herself. Fans got concerned after Minister Marion Hall prayed for the musician during a Facebook live session, according to Jamaica Observer, even though the musician hasn’t provided an update on her health.

Spice announced on Instagram last month that she was quitting social media because she was “tired” of being “targeted for clout and clickbait.” Spice’s followers on Twitter on November 2 inquired about the musician’s wellbeing in response to claims that she was purportedly “in a coma.”

Following Minister Marion Hall’s prayers for the Jamaican musician, the rumors only got worse. The deejay-turned-Christian pastor prayed for Spice on Facebook live after concerns concerning her health began to circulate online, according to the Jamaican Observer.

Spice’s representative Ray Alexander reportedly told Dancehall magazine in a statement that he refuted these accusations. Fans have been praying for Spice since since information about her health issue made it into the Internet.

Spice said she was going on a break in her last Instagram post, which was published on October 17. After explaining why she would be avoiding social media for a while, she greeted her supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

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