Fans Believe That Yung Miami’s Spicy Love Note Is Intended For Diddy

When it comes to her romantic relationships, Yung Miami is very open. Whether it’s with her partner, her children, or her friends, the City Girl is never afraid to publicly declare her affection. On Friday, Miami posted a spicily worded remark on her Instagram stories, prompting some to think that it was in reference to her relationship with Diddy.

The Caresha Please host disclosed in the sensual post, “I love this n*****, down to the veins in his d!” Fans jumped in the comments to express their opinions on the statement even though the rap star hasn’t revealed who the message is about. “When you single but go together. she just having fun. How can you not love her?!” wrote one fan. “Chile whatever brother Love have her Ion want it,” added another.

Fans have previously mistaken Yung Miami’s post for one about the Bad Boy executive. Supporters of City Girl were concerned about the 28-year-old last month after she tweeted, “I’m really having a mental breakdown right now. Haven’t slept in dayssssss like I’m tired af and don’t feel like doing nothing today my energy is off!”

She and Diddy appear to be getting along well right now, which is good news for the young star. Last month, it was seen that the two were becoming close on stage.

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