Fans Boo Asake For Arriving Hours Late To His Birmingham Show

Nigerian artist, Asake, has come under fire once more for show-related issues. The singer who, months ago, released his début album to great critical acclaim, has been on tour to promote the album and integrate with his foreign fans or “terminators” as he likes to call them.

However, on December 3, 2022, the talented singer, who recently wrapped up his “Mr. Money with The Vibe USA Tour,” was billed to perform in Birmingham. But many fans have expressed disappointment on social media that the performer showed up late for the show.

Several videos posted online claim that Asake was booed by the audience as he was ready to enter the stage. The announcer in an effort to incite the audience for Asake’s performance introduced the performer twice which were both met with booing from the crowd, with some giving persistent thumbs downs.

In yet another footage from the show, the singer seemed to receive some enthusiastic response after the booing. Numerous spectators also tweeted about their awful experiences at the event. The news of how many fans did not have a good time must have been a worry to the Nigerian singer because he came online to issue an apology for the lateness, explaining that the unfortunate situation had everything to do with the show’s promoters.

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