Fans Call Out Lil Wayne’s Apple Music Top 100 Albums Snub As New Music Is Expected

As anticipated, there has been much disagreement following Apple Music’s announcement of the top 10 albums of all time. Social media users are vociferous as they debate what should have been included and criticize the streaming behemoth for perceived omissions. Fans of Lil Wayne have been incredibly outspoken about his omission on Twitter, and X has been voicing their opinions. While Weezy was wholly omitted from the list, many believe Tha Carter III should have been included. Some argue that his impact on the rap industry is undeniable and that his absence devalues the credibility of the entire list. Despite the controversy, Apple Music has stood by its selections, stating that the top 10 albums were chosen based on critical acclaim, commercial success, and cultural significance.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like this has had much of an impact on the rapper. In celebration of the 18th anniversary of his mixtape with DJ Drama, Dedication 2, he just issued an upbeat message. “More history to make,” he wrote in response to a post commemorating the event. Lil Wayne’s resilience and positive attitude towards his career milestones continue to inspire his fans. Despite setbacks, he remains focused on creating more iconic moments in the music industry.

After hearing this comment, fans are excited to see what Lil Wayne has in store for them, although it’s unclear precisely what that could be. However, Juvenile, his Hot Boys partner, just announced the group’s reunion and confirmed that a new album with all the original members is coming. Even though his supporters have all been hinting at it for some time, he didn’t give them many more details. Before the reunion, B.G. revealed new information about a collaboration they worked on for his upcoming album last month. Fans of the Hot Boys eagerly anticipate the group reunion and B.G.’s forthcoming album release. The partnership between the original members will surely bring a wave of nostalgia and excitement to the music industry.

B.G. explained,

“Weezy sent me the verse back for the album,”

“I told him I wanted the mixtape Weezy. He gave me the mixtape Weezy.”

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