Fans Of Harry Styles are Shocked After The Singer Was Smacked In The Eye By A “Skittle” During A Live Performance

Even though one is momentarily rendered blind by stray candies, the act must go on.

The incident was caught on camera by concertgoers while Harry Styles was performing as part of the Love on Tour in Los Angeles on Monday night. Styles can be seen obviously retching in the social media videos once the thing makes contact with his eye. The “As It Was” vocalist kept moving down the stage as he took his last bows.

After the accident, Styles continued to perform “Kiwi” while wiping and squinting through the wounded eye.

Attendees claimed that the object was a Skittle, and musician Pauli the PSM, a member of Styles’ tour-support band, corroborated this. Pauli stated during an Instagram Live that Styles’ eye was fine, adding, “Do me a favor, don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”

Styles joined the Live, and viewers recorded a message that said he would wear an eye patch on Tuesday night for his performance. As part of his tour in support of his third studio album Harry’s House, Styles is presently performing a 15-day residency at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

In other news, six nominations for the artist have been announced for the 2023 Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year for “As It Was.”

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