Fans Request Music Leaks From Davido’s Hypeman

Despite his triumphs, Davido’s teammates seem to be losing patience with him now that his new album release has lasted longer than expected. This was further demonstrated when Special Spesh, the singer’s official hypeman, recently posted on his Instagram page about his dissatisfaction. He said in his post that the fans were getting frustrated after waiting so long, and he might have considered leaking one of Davido’s songs to appease them.

Davido’s fans undoubtedly adore and cherish him. Still, they are eager for new music, especially the coronavirus-inspired fourth studio album he has been hinting at for a few months. One of the reasons the wait has been so long appears to be the artist’s taste for perfection in his work, but given the urgent requests of his fans, Davido may have to choose between giving in to the pressure and releasing his songs more quickly to appease his supporters without further upsetting them.

In response, some fans in the comment section nudged him to go against his better judgment and drop the song, while another group advised him to keep all new songs safe in the vault until the album’s official release date. Finally, one fan said that however it goes, any new music that Davido publishes will find its way “straight to number 1.”

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