Fans Think J Cole Redeemed Himself With New Tems Collab “Free Fall”

People on social media are giving Tems credit for ending the “curse” of J. Cole. Tems released Born in the Wild, her much-awaited debut album. Fans have admired the Nigerian singer’s efforts on social media thus far, calling her impressive. Asake and J. Cole are among the artists featured on two of the eighteen tracks of the project. Online buzz is centred around Cole’s verse in “Free Fall,” in particular. Fans have praised Tems for her unique sound and powerful lyrics, resonating with listeners worldwide. The collaboration between Tems and J. Cole has sparked excitement and anticipation for what the future holds for both artists in the music industry.

He received much praise from fans for his verse, saying it was exactly what he needed to overcome a difficult month. Of course, he collaborated with Cash Cobain on “Grippy” in May, so it makes sense that he is a guest on the song. His NSFW and possibly cringe-worthy lyrics in the music brought him much attention, leading some people to speculate that he was about to break up. However, it’s important to remember that artists often use provocative lyrics as a form of artistic expression and storytelling. The speculation about a breakup may be simply a misinterpretation of the creative process behind the music.

On the other hand, “Free Fall” has many admirers singing a different tune and calling for him to explore this aspect of his craft more. One fan commented on Twitter/X, “This Tems and J. Cole collaboration is going to sweep the Grammys.” “Tems Free Fall ft. J. Cole has to be one of the best features that has been released so far this year,” another person stated.

According to some, Tems broke the “curse” of Cole’s previous collaboration, hence salvaging Cole’s career. Not unexpectedly, some critics claim that Cole’s poetry is “boring.” Still, most people concur that it goes nicely with the song’s general vibe. Overall, the collaboration between Tems and J. Cole seems to have struck a chord with fans and critics alike, with many praising the unique blend of their styles. Despite some dissenting opinions, the consensus is that “Free Fall” compellingly showcases both artists’ talents.

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