First-Class Only: Timaya’s Daughter Asserts Her Travel Preferences

Inetimi Timaya Odon, popularly known as Timaya, celebrated the seventh birthday of his daughter, Grace, who recently made a noteworthy revelation about her travel preferences. During a casual conversation at home, Grace confidently declared her travel style is strictly first-class.

The lively exchange occurred as Grace’s mother was discussing flight preferences with her children. When their mother suggested they consider the merits of Premium Economy for their trips, the children unanimously rejected the idea. However, it was Grace’s response that drew attention.

The seven-year-old unabashedly asserted her preference for first-class travel, stating, “I just can’t do business class. I can’t do economy or business class. My only options are first class.”

The interaction provided a glimpse into the charmingly audacious personality of Timaya’s daughter. As a renowned Nigerian singer, Timaya is no stranger to the spotlight, and it seems his children might be taking after him. Grace’s candid declaration underscores her burgeoning independence and confidence.

As we celebrate her seventh birthday, fans of the Odon family can’t help but wonder if the young lady’s strong-willed character and enthusiasm for first-class living hint at her following in her father’s famous footsteps.

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