Fizz Gets Criticized For Claiming That B2K’s Breakup Was Really Caused By Him Hooking Up With Omarion’s Crush

Once the three-hour B2K interview with “Drink Champs” was released, Lil Fizz made the decision to disclose the real cause of the American boy band’s breakup. At the 27:00 mark in the interview, Fizz revealed that management had been secretly misusing the money belonging to the four lads. The four of them then spoke in private to plan their next move in severing ties with their management.

To avoid returning to the home that management had purchased for them, the boys had made a deal to stay at their parents’ house once they had all arrived back in California. Fizz explained that this was so they could “figure this s- out” and find a lawyer. Omarion allegedly deviated from the pre-made strategy once the group got back to California.

Fizz acknowledges having a hookup with one of the women who traveled with them on the trip when discussing events that occurred during the tour. “I was like man I was smashing ‘ole girl the whole tour.” Omarion’s sentiments were crushed when he learned of this information, according to Fizz, because the “Post to Be” singer harbored romantic love for the woman Fizz hooked up with.

Fizz insisted that the woman was not Omarion’s partner but rather a “random chick,” and he went on to describe how the incident was a major factor in the band’s breakup. Check out the clip below for some more scoop.

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