Flo Rida: Sues And Wins ‘Celsius’ Energy Drink In Court; Entitled to Over $82 Million

Flo Rida has won his case against the energy drink manufacturer “Celsius’. The rapper was awarded $82 million after winning the lawsuit against them.

He made claims that he popularized the energy drink when he was signed as its ambassador in 2014 but wasn’t properly rewarded. However, the energy drink manufacturer Celsius Drink claimed that Florida had received the appropriate compensation.

Flo Rida then stated throughout the proceedings of the case that he examined his money and prior investments in the early stages of the Covid epidemic. Tramer Lacel Dillard claims that after doing this, he found some significant “Celsius irregularities”.

“When I checked it out, they had been complaining that one of the products I was endorsing wasn’t selling. However, when I had a chance to look at it, it was proceeding smoothly. Since I joined the company, this product has generated over tens of millions of dollars,” Flo claimed.

In light of his breach-of-contract case against energy drink producer Celsius, with whom he had an endorsement deal, Flo Rida was found to be entitled to $82.6 million by a jury. And after settlement, Flo Rida filed a lawsuit against Celsius for company shares, claiming it was promised.

The American singer and rapper shot to the limelight with his 2007 breakthrough song, “Low,” with T Pain. It broke the record for digital download sales at the time of its release and spent ten weeks at number one in the US. He later went on to feature T pain and Pitbull in the remix.

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