Following A Major Dancehall Collaboration, Nicki Minaj Is Planning A Trip To Jamaica

Nicki Minaj has stated that she intends to travel to Jamaica at some point this year in order to meet some of the Jamaicans she has only spoken to online.

Nicki joined dancehall artist Pamputtae in an Instagram Live where she talked about her love of Jamaican culture and want to visit the country. Pam is one of nine Caribbean musicians the rapper worked with on an extended version of “Likkle Miss,” along with Destra Garcia and Patrice Roberts from Trinidad, Lisa Mercedez from Jamaica, Lady Leshurr from Jamaica, Dovey Magnum from Jamaica, Spice from Jamaica, and London Hill from Jamaica.

In the video, Nicki Minaj discusses how deeply rooted Caribbean culture is in her while claiming that Pamputtae has captured her “spirit.”

“I might come to Jamaica this year, around December time, I might come. and I can’t wait to come and I can’t wait to meet you, you’re one of those people I can’t wait to meet,” she disclosed on Instagram.

“First of all, I’m not a people person, I’m not a touchy-feely person, so if I think in my head ‘Oh, I can’t wait to hug this person that should tell you the spirit that’s comes out of you,” she added. Have a look at the clip below to get into their conversation.

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