Following Her On-Screen Appearance And Blowing The Crowd A Kiss, Kim Kardashian Was Awkwardly Booed By The Crowd At An NFL Game

Football fans were really not in the mood to Keep Up with the Kardashians. When Kim Kardashian’s prominent visage appeared on the big screen at Sunday’s Los Angeles Rams game, there was a fierce booing, according to

When the cameras turned away from the action on the field and toward the Hulu personality, who was seated in one of the VIP suites, she was in the audience watching the Rams lose to the Dallas Cowboys at SoFi Stadium. When Kardashian blew a kiss as the announcer read her name over the microphone, NFL fans booed her loudly.

“Kim Kardashian was at the Rams game and the booing when they showed her on the jumbotron was some of the most thunderous i’ve ever heard,” tweeted one person about the incident.

Several audience members recorded the uncomfortable incident, and it quickly went viral. Evidently, The Kardashian star wasn’t despised by everyone.

“Welcome to LA where fans are more interested in Kim Kardashian than the Rams game,” a Twitter user wrote, including a video of several spectators turning away from the game and filming the Skims boss.

Many people tagged her ex, Kanye West, in comments on the video of Kim Kardashian being booed, but he probably won’t see them given that he was banned from Twitter over the weekend for posting an anti-Semitic statement.

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