Following His Display Of FBG Duck Love, Kevin Gates Reveals His Relationship With Lil Durk

During his recent press tour, Kevin Gates revealed some shocking information regarding women who have acne and admitted that he continued to sleep with his cousin even after learning that they were related. The rapper recently had a lengthy conversation with Akademiks during which he discussed his album, mental health, and other topics. He disclosed that they shared a close bond up until FBG Duck’s passing.

“Man, I met that n-gga when I first came out of jail. He came to my video shoot by himself. Real street n***a, man,” he said. “That n***a embraced me. That n***a got on the phone with his momma, man, [and she said] , ‘If you tired of eating hotel food, baby, we’ll cook for you. Wassup?’ Momma Duck, I love you to death. You one of them gang members.”

The fact that he and Lil Durk are connected was the most startling finding, though.

“You know what’s crazy? And I don’t even be telling people this — you know me and Durk is related? And he love me,” said Gates. “He don’t feel no kind of way about how I move. He Muslim, I’m Muslim. His daddy Muslim, also. Beautiful brother. Even when he said, he said, ‘Even what happened to my son,’ he said, ‘I’m not choosing violence. I’mma be bigger.’”

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