For His “Breezy” Album, Chris Brown Claims To Have Recorded 250 Songs

Chris Brown told his millions of fans last month that he would be releasing a new album shortly. Breezy, his ninth studio album, will be released on June 24th, just in time for summer. The father of three also unveiled the artwork for his latest collection of work. It’s a black-and-white photograph of the back of his head with the word “Breezy” inscribed into his hair in a distinctive script.

But the Virginia native couldn’t stop there; he had to keep the pressure on. He did so by revealing his possible track list, which includes 23 tracks. CB discussed his tracks and the process of deciding which pieces he likes best in a new interview with Big Boy.

“It’s crazy in the album process,” Chris started, “… for this actual project, I think I had almost 250 songs.” The singer then went on to say that he and his crew had to limit it down, to which Big Boy responded with a joke, “One album we were 45 [songs] in, I just finished listening to that on the way here.”

Chris also revealed that he had already began working on his next project while his last album, Indigo, was about to be put out.

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