For Their New Song “Too Big,” Mount Westmore Features P-Lo

In the West, everything is bigger!

Mount Westmore has regrouped and is performing “Too Big” on their newest song, which features P-Lo from the Bay Area. Mount Westmore’s Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too $hort trade verses on the track, which is produced by P-Lo, who also handles the hook.

E-40 shows off his rapping in Vallejo slang, “They love me in the Bay and Southern Cal / Rappers soak up all my game like a ShamWow,” while Snoop enters the groove to cement his legendary status. “Twenty-plus years, yeah, I’m legendary / Always go big when it’s necessary,” raps the hip-hop veteran.

Ice Cube, in his part, goes off gloating, “Uh, she said it’s too big / Damn, nigga, you knocked off two wigs,” and Too $hort still has zero love for them hoes. “We don’t want her, take her back, you can come get hеr / We keep going, like some old-ass young niggas,” raps the Oakland icon.

The supergroup originally debuted their Bad MFs album just on Gala Music back in June, but they intend to rerelease it on DSPs with new music, including “Too Big.” The supergroup’s innate synergy has persisted across each of their albums, supporting the notion that their new record won’t disappoint.

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