For Valentine’s Day, Future Advises Men To Give Money In Place Of Old-fashioned Flowers

Future says it should be money over flowers for men wanting to celebrate valentine’s day for their lovers.

Another quote is about to be added to the long list of quotable quotes by Future, as the rapper knows just how to drop lines in either his song lyrics or on social media or even in person, that would make you pause to see things his way for a few seconds. On social media, the man is quite popular for his misogynistic bars and is often referred to as the king of the ‘streets’. If you know, you know.

As if all the drama and hype from this year’s Valentine’s day was not enough, Hendrix is at it again with an advice he is offering all men. As the norm is and has always been, flowers are usually the Val’s day present most men go for, seeing as women also appreciate the gesture. Future says that is officially played out. He says monetary gifts are now the way.

The rapper went on his Instagram page to make it known. “F**K MONEY SENDA HUNDRED THOUSAND,” he wrote as a caption underneath the picture he posted. Question now is, is that advise for the rich only?

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