Frank Edoho Comes Under Fire For Provocative Comments On Cheating

Media personality Frank Edoho has come under criticism for his controversial remarks regarding infidelity. He explicitly stated that women cannot get away with cheating on their partners whereas men can and do. Edoho made this statement during a recent appearance on Moet Abebe’s podcast, Bad and Bougie.

Following his remarks, Edoho received a barrage of criticism, especially from female social media users who disagree with his viewpoint. According to him, a woman cheating may imply that she has broken her emotional bond with her partner, while a man cheating doesn’t always mean that there isn’t love in the relationship.

Different people have responded to Edoho’s perspective. Some argue that women can be unfaithful and still be emotionally attached. So many others thought the statements were unfair to women in relationships and that they were only furthering old gender stereotypes.

Frank Edoho’s opinions on relationships have sparked controversy before. He emphasized the value of submitting in partnerships in an earlier August interview, saying that it’s a significant weapon in the hands of women who want control.

Drawing from his own experiences, Edoho credited his wife’s subservient attitude for the harmony in their marriage and emphasized the value of not always having the last word in talks.

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