From Dance Floor to Music Charts: Asake Details Journey To Financial Success & Artistic Fulfillment

Ahmed Ololade, better known by his stage name Asake, a popular Nigerian musician, claimed in an interview with ABC News that he became interested in music due to financial difficulties.

Originally a dancer, the 24-year-old musician switched to singing after realizing that dancing alone would not give him the financial security he sought.

Asake, also known as “Mr. Money With The Vibe,” attributed his early musical exposure to his parents, especially his father, who would frequently play classical songs at home. The singer revealed that his father would begin his mornings with a cigarette and loud music, influencing his passion for singing.

Asake’s dancing background helped him understand how to bounce to the music, which eventually helped him convert to singing. Despite his love of dancing, which he describes as “water,” the artist was drawn to the financial advantages a music career could provide. As a result, Asake decided to combine his skills and enthusiasm for both dance and singing to build a career in the music industry.

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