Futuristic Jpop Artist IlghtchIld To Release ”Rain in Tokyo” And Perform At Exotic Fruits Festival On Oct 1

Tokyo-raised, NYC-based pop/Jpop artist IlghtchIld will bring her synesthetic swirl of sound to Los Angeles for the Exotic Fruits Festival on Saturday, October 1 at SV Studios and live streamed at Dropping the same day is “Rain in Tokyo,” the third single from her upcoming EP No Strings Attached, following “bananas” and “nightmares.”Futuristic Jpop Artist Ilghtchild To Release &Quot;Rain In Tokyo&Quot; And Perform At Exotic Fruits Festival On Oct 1, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

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Of “Rain in Tokyo” IlghtchIld said, “I think there’s something very cleansing and purifying about rain. Even though it can be gloomy outside and you don’t want to go outside, it can also be very peaceful to watch from the inside. I love the visuals of the raindrops on the window or a car window and the light shining through. It’s very synesthetic to me, like a marble or a snow globe or a rain globe even. Visually, I’ve always liked that, and it made me think about my time in Tokyo. Over there they use transparent umbrellas and I love when the rain hits the umbrella and the city’s neon lights come through. It makes me think of home.”

“It’s always hard for me when I go back with the time difference and how far it is. It takes forever to get there and you feel so far away from everyone. It can feel isolating. Despite that, this song is about connection and how you can still find joy within the rain and joy within the pain of loneliness,” says IlghtchIld.

IlghtchIld has made a name for herself by reinventing ‘80s pop sounds to illuminate modern anxieties. Influenced by Tokyo’s fantastical futurism and New York City’s gritty art-music scene, her music blends Jpop, synth rock and hits of funk to create cinematic soundscapes with an electronic, experimental edge and lyrics that expose a deep soul on a spiritual journey.

Born Mitsuko Alexandra Yabe, IlghtchIld began her music career with the study of classical violin under the tutelage of Roberta Guaspari and Lynelle Smith of Opus 118 Harlem School of Strings, she found success at an early age, performing for Quincy Jones, President Obama, with the NY Philharmonic, and at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Mixing her sound with a strong visual aesthetic, she went on to collaborate with film directors and composers on several soundtracks as a music editor, including Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You (2018), a film whose sound is “like its own character in the film,” Radha Blank’s” Forty Year Old Version (2020), and Lena Waithe’s Beauty (2022), coming out soon on Netflix. Her work with major studios includes Warner Brothers New Line Cinema, Universal Studios, and HBO and many of her independent films have featured in Sundance Festival, Toronto Film Festival, and American Black Film Festival. She is the founder of LIGHTCHILD, a music & motion picture-focused creative studio developing her original projects in immersive art and animation.

This artistry in music production merges with her performance art with zest and passion, manifesting as a complete vision.

IlghtchIld’s debut EP No Strings Attached and her first full-length album 01001, which she wrote, composed, performed vocals, and produced, are scheduled to drop in 2023.

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