FX’s Snowfall Show-runner, Dave Andron, Opens Up About The Two-season Endgame For The Hit Drama Series As Its Fifth Season Wraps Up

Family took center stage in Snowfall‘s fifth season, which came to an end with Wednesday’s suspense-filled season finale, from Damson Idris’ Franklin expecting a baby, to his Aunt and Uncle finally tying the knots, as they plot to secure the the future of their finances.

For show-runner, Dave Andron, who is also behind the finale’s story, this past season is but the first part of a two-season endgame he had pitched to FX in 2021.

“I knew that season five was going to be about the destruction of the family unit and that that was an important thing to really take some time and to earn to watch the family split up, and it just felt like to rush that in any way would have started to feel really inorganic and not the way we wanted to play that out,” Andron explains of his approach. “So we took our time and spent more time on character this season than we have in some seasons’ past and really tried to make sure that we had set up the relationships the proper way and earned the things we needed to earn to bring everybody to a crisis point to take us down the final stretch.”

Snowfall was also renewed by FX for a sixth season which would also be its last.

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