G Herbo Discusses The Perils Of Being A Rapper And Thinks Back On PnB Rock’s Death

Rapper, G Herbo, claimed that it is “one of the most dangerous things in the world” to be a rapper during a DJ Whoo Kid interview about his next album. “I don’t see how people don’t understand that being a rapper is one of the most dangerous things in the world,” he said to Whoo Kid at the 6:30 mark of the recorded interview.

“Just being somebody like me, an influence. Like, 24/7… 24 hours a day you have to be something that the outside world think you are. At the end of the day, y’all really not realizing that n***as got whole personal lives. I got that from the streets, you can’t really let it take a toll on you.”

The Chicago rapper stated that he faced numerous possible threats as he rose to fame. “You got to deal with snakes, n***as trying to kill you, you gotta deal with the police, you gotta deal with so much,” he further added. “You gotta deal with being broke, you got to deal with a lot of shit.”

Herbo was then asked if he had been desensitized to violence. He responded that he had, though it still occasionally affects him. “I still be crying sometimes,” he said of the friends he’s lost to gun violence. “I’m all the way desensitized, but sometimes I still catch myself crying…”

Catch the rest of the interview below.

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