GAP And Yeezy Bring A Surprise Van Drop To The Streets

After taking over the GAP flagship store in Times Square, Yeezy x GAP have increased their marketing efforts for their most recent campaign. The pair released a surprise album this past weekend in three of the most recognizable locations in the United States.

Specific locations in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles were announced, with each address pointing to multi-story parking garages in the corresponding cities. When customers arrived at the address, they were met by menacing figures wearing high-cut boots, hoodies, and black masks.

Then, potential purchasers were brought to the roof of each property, where the figures marched in a military formation around a variety of huge black trash cans. Each trash can was filled to the brim with Yeezy x GAP merchandise. Attendees can purchase t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories made by Engineered by Balenciaga. According to sources, there were color options in black, grey, and dark blue.

Although the precise date of the upcoming Yeezy x GAP event is unknown, we wouldn’t be shocked if it happened soon. In other fashion headlines, Carhartt WIP approaches outerwear with sophistication for FW22.

Check out some of snaps and clips from the event below.

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