Ghost Car Call Out Class Privilege With New Single ‘Selfish, Spoiled’

Debut album ‘Truly Trash’ out October 28th via One Little Independent Records

Ghost Car, the London-based international punk quartet, announced their debut album ‘Truly Trash’ following their signing to One Little Independent Records. The riotous, quick-witted collection of 11 garage-rock bangers will be released on October 28th.

The album provides Ghost Car with a platform to rage against political injustices, as their unified harmonies attack patriarchal inequality, homophobia, racism and toxic relationships. ‘Truly Trash’ is a call to reclaim autonomy and to revolt against the powers that uphold an archaic nationalist system.

Of biting new single ‘Selfish, Spoiled’ they told us that “we’d definitely found our groove writing together collectively, this one’s about that person in the creative industry (I’m sure everyone knows someone) who is so overly privileged getting pay outs from their mega rich parents, while other artists from working class backgrounds have to work so much harder for any type of ‘exposure’ while doing their day job. 16% of people in creative jobs come from working class backgrounds according to PEC”.

Ghost Car worked closely in the making of the satirical video with art director Claudia Torán who tells us; “The story behind the video is that dinner guests played by the band represent ‘the system’ itself, (politicians, bourgeoisie, etc. portrayed in an exaggerated, ironic, sarcastic way) whilst ‘enjoying’ what appears to be a lavish dinner party. With fake attitudes and ungrateful behaviour. They don’t want to face any problems or injustices. Only interested in their egos. It’s later revealed that the dinner party, like ‘the system’, is rotten. Nothing is what it appears to be. Everything is now chaotic and the characters destroy everything, transforming into crazed guests, challenging the camera, trying to get the message through “will you ever open your eyes?”

They continue; “This feels particularly relevant in the current climate, in recent times what feels like a nationalistic fervour has been unleashed. An oppressive media imposes its own narrative, and doesn’t reflect a country where millions of people are not able to eat and heat their homes.”

The video also sees them teaming up again with videographer Simon Eaves and artist Maria De La O Garrido who created the extravagant props and set design.

Ghost Car Call Out Class Privilege With New Single ‘Selfish, Spoiled’, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

Art credit: Raissa Pardini

Photo credit: Patrick Smith


  1. Terrible Feelings
  2. Selfish, Spoiled
  3. Mechanical Soul
  4. Basta
  5. Embleton Road
  6. Clown Town
  7. Sex
  8. Conch Pearl
  9. Sushi Addict
  10. No History
  11. Truly Trash

Live dates

24.09 – Strongroom, London (Oktoberfest)
24.11 – The Lexington, London (Album launch)
09.12 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

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