Glasgow And Liverpool Are Anticipating The UK Host City Announcement For Eurovision 2023

After the war prevented this year’s winner, Ukraine, from accepting hosting duties, the stunning music concert will be held in the UK. There were once 20 venues in the UK that expressed interest, but there are now only two left. The announcement will air on The One Show on BBC One at 19:00 BST.

BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce gave a preview of the announcement and said: “The finish line is finally in sight, because I can confirm that on the One Show tonight, Graham Norton will finally reveal which city will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. He’ll also tell us the date of the grand final,” Bruce confirmed.

Eight times in the past, the UK has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, most recently in Birmingham in 1998. But Glasgow or Liverpool have never hosted the competition. Both are listed as UNESCO Cities of Music, and the venue of this year’s show will be seen by around 160 million people on TV worldwide, drawing thousands of tourists and putting it in the global spotlight.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow claimed a Scottish Eurovision would also be “a celebration of Ukraine,” while officials in Liverpool declared they would host the competition “on behalf of Ukraine.”

The winning nation typically hosts the competition the following year, but the UK has been requested to take over for 2023 as a result of Essex singer Sam Ryder placing second this May.

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