Grammy In Sights : Portable Speaks On Music Collaboration With Asa

Nigerian street musician Portable desires to work with singer/songwriter Asa. Portable stated in an interview with Timi Agbaje that Asa is one of many female artists he would love to work with.


He stated, “I’d like to collaborate with several female artists.”

But let us be honest; I love Asa, He implied.

The Zazu singer also expressed his desire to receive a Grammy award in his lifetime, stating he hoped to be recognized as the “Best Artiste in Africa” at the most prestigious music awards show in the world. He further asserts that by going by the name “Ika of Africa,” he would win the Grammy award even though there is no such category.

“Winning a Grammy is the one thing I’d want to do to feel completely fulfilled. I’m hoping to be named “Best Artist in Africa.”

“Best musician! Number 1! I want to accept that award as Ika of Africa,” he declared.

The “Zazu” singer says that the international music organization must give him recognition since he didn’t want any local awards, following their tendency to be “sold up and down.” He said, “If I don’t collect a prize, ah, an international award, not all those local awards selling up and down. But destiny has no competition.

“But if they said we should compete?” What do they sing? Those people collecting awards, what are they singing? Can you sing with a live band? Can you sing a good song? Can you sing the “reality song”? Can’t you praise God? ….Ogun kee you!.

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