Gucci Mane Claims To Have $1 Million For B.G. When He Is Released From Prison

The news of B.G.’s likely early release has Gucci Mane jubilant. Recently, Birdman made the implication that the former Cash Money artists would soon return home. The NOLA mogul said that B.G. would return to the outside world in “a few weeks,” though he did not specify when he would do so.

Although there has been no confirmation of these rumors, Baby has actively tried to free the 42-year-old rapper from jail. The news eventually caught Gucci Mane’s attention after spreading widely on social media, and he expressed interest in bringing B.G. on board the 1017 roster.

“My 1017 family help me welcome home the living legend @new_bghollyhood! Glad u home bruh!” wrote Gucci. “Got so much love and respect for u as a man and artist! Get at me, I got a milli for you! Wanna sign u to 1017!!! #1017Mafia.”

B.G. has repeatedly tried to have his sentence reduced, but his 14-year sentence is expected to end in April 2023. Sadly, the judge rejected each of those requests, as well as one from Birdman, Slim, Wendy Williams, and others, in a letter. In a letter to the judge in September, Birdman argued in favor of B.G.’s early release.

Following a routine traffic stop, police detained B.G. in 2009. During their check of his automobile, the police found three weapons, including two that had been reported stolen. Despite his plea of not guilty, the court found him guilty of witness tampering and possession of a firearm. The judge gave him a 14-year prison term.

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