Gunna Shuts Down Troll Comments About His Fashion Style

Ever since Gunna stepped onto the hip-hop scene, he has always been a standout guy when it comes to his eccentric fashion style.

Unlike many of his rap peers who would rather appear casual more often, Gunna refused to join the herd, as his drip is a fine combo of designer brands and bold outfit and style choices that will always have fashion lovers, online and off, wagging their tongues and making their inputs.

On a new episode of GQ’s ‘My Style History’, Gunna reflected on some of his coolest outfits, with a thing or two to say to the trolls that have rented condos in his Instagram comments.

“I be laughing at ”em too,” Gunna said. “It be funny. Like you took the time out your day to do this. You coulda did anything else better with your life. You had nothing else to do.” The particular outfit he was popularly clowned for on Instagram became the go-to style when Rihanna copied same outfit for her Halloween costume in 2021.

“It went semi-viral, people were like, kind of like trying to clown me and like make jokes about the outfit I had on,” said the DS4EVER rapper. “Two months later, RiRi dressing like me, happy Halloween, and now everybody in the world thinks this outfit is fire.”

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