Guns N’ Roses Frontman, Axl Rose, Stuns With New Appearance

Since he began performing in the middle of the 1980s, Axl Rose’s appearance has become recognizable. Who would have believed he could wear a new hairstyle and a completely new appearance? The front-man of Guns N’ Roses stormed the stage at Singapore’s National Stadium as part of their most recent tour, looking remarkably different from his prime.

Axl, whose real name is William Bruce Rose Jr., performed with band-mate Slash while sporting a black graphic t-shirt and torn pants. Axl’s once-long hair has been cropped short for practical reasons; his trademark bandana was also missing. The famous rock artist adorned himself with several pieces of jewelry and donned a black glove on his left hand.

In another scene, renowned guitarist Slash shook out while wearing a t-shirt and worn-out pants, looking as though he had not aged a day. While sporting his characteristic top hat and aviator sunglasses, Slash had the crowd eating out of their palms. After releasing their first “new” song in thirteen years last year, Guns N’ Roses are currently enjoying a comeback.

They gave a live performance of the song “Absurd” on August 3 at Boston’s Fenway Park, according to Rolling Stone, and it was an official audio rendition. Guns N’ Roses had performed in North America and Europe before coming to Singapore as part of their world tour.

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