H.E.R. Sues MBK Entertainment In Order To Be Set Free From Her Contract

After signing with MBK Entertainment at the age of 14, H.E.R. is suing the record label for the rights to her music collection. She says that the contract is a violation of the business and professions code, and she is seeking to be released from it. On Thursday, the complaint was filed in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County.

Jeff Robinson, her longtime manager, owns MBK Entertainment. Robinson, acting as her manager, allegedly sacked the law company that had previously represented her and replaced them with his own lawyers, according to H.E.R. “Robinson caused his own lawyers to represent Wilson in the negotiation of subsequent contracts, including publishing and touring agreements,” alleges the lawsuit claims.

She also claims “those lawyers took 5% of the deals they negotiated, but did not have a written fee agreement or a conflict waiver signed by Wilson, and said that they performed the services ‘as a favor’ to their client Robinson who was paid 20% commission for each of those deals.”

H.E.R. claims that her unfair contract with MBK Entertainment “significantly limited” her “employment rights” and that she “has not been free to provide her recording services except as permitted or dictated by MBK.”

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