Harrysong’s Ex-Wife, Alexer, Responds To The Singer’s Infidelity Allegations

The divorced spouse of Nigerian musician Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage as Harrysong, Alexer Peres, has not wasted any time in replying to him following his accusations that she had an extramarital affair. After asserting that Destiny Etiko is Alexer’s primary screenwriter, the singer accused his ex-wife of being unfaithful and getting pregnant during their marriage.

Along with these shocking revelations, Harrysong said that her mother had been married over seven times and that she was presently meeting other guys outside of her current marriage. Taking offense, Alexer conducted an Instagram Live session to refute every accusation put out by the “Reggae Blues” singer.

She asked him to stop including her mother in their problems and begged him to move on. In addition, she accused Harrysong of domestic abuse and listed other women that they were rumored to have dated while they were married. Alexer claimed that she got multiple infections while residing with him in an attempt to start a marriage, but she eventually realized she was in the wrong relationship.

She said she had a great deal of hardship during the marriage.

Harrysong, on the other hand, seems to have a bone to pick not only with his ex-wife but also with his former label head, KCee, who he claims still owes him accrued music royalties.

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