“I Was Truly A Fan,” Lil Kim Writes In Heartfelt Message To PNB Rock

Celebrities have flooded to social media in the wake of PNB Rock’s senseless death earlier this week to express their condolences, prayers, and thoughts to the late star and his family. Everyone, including Drake and Meek Mill, as well as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, paid tribute to the deceased rapper on social media. In addition, Rick Ross discussed the homicidal robbery at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles, which claimed the life of the 30-year-old rapper.

Lil Kim is the most recent celebrity to post a statement online in response to PNB’s tragic passing. “Wow. I’ve been thinking about U since the whole incident happened and I kept saying to myself this is so sad,” Kim wrote. “Because U were so talented and seemed like a really nice person. It wasn’t one song of yours that I did not like. Even tho I never got the pleasure of meeting U. I was truly a fan.”

The Queen Bee shared a picture of the deceased rapper wearing her classic 1996 Hard Core album cover on the front of a garment. “And for my fans to send me this pic of U rocking my t-shirt just solidifies the connection. I pray for your family and may God take U in his arms. Rest in Heaven Angel.”

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