In Advance Of Her Documentary “Trauma and Me,” Katie Price Divulges Alarming Information About Her 2018 Carjacking And Rape

Speaking in advance of her heartbreaking documentary Trauma And Me, Katie Price disclosed that she was sexually assaulted during a terrifying carjacking in South Africa in 2018. The 44-year-old media personality remembered the horrific experience of being seized at gunpoint while being filmed for her Quest Red reality show, My Crazy Life with ITV, in an interview with MailOnline.

She described the horrible experiences that drove her to her breaking point, resulting in a mental breakdown in 2018 and a botched suicide attempt in which she “knocked herself out and had black eyes”—following which she sought PTSD treatment.

Prior to the Channel 4 episode, which was taped in the days following the automobile accident last year, Katie talked about her triggers and the pain she had been through before the catastrophe. She said: “The experience when I was filming with ITV in South Africa, we had no security, if we had security they would have been able to deal with the six guys that jumped us, held me at gunpoint and raped me.”

In two people carriers with the film crew, Katie was traveling from Johannesburg to Swaziland when the attackers threw her out of the car. Laptops, iPads, passports, cash, and jewelry were stolen from the vehicles, however the robbers left behind a sizable amount of video equipment that the crew had kept on board. The assailants were never found.

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