In The Music Video For “RUN,” YG And Tyga Switch Genders

A new song from YG has been eagerly anticipated by his audience. The West Coast MC has been one of the most reliable performers in the industry for the past 10 years, so you can count on his releases to be significant events. Furthermore, YG’s influence has allowed him to collaborate with several major musicians, and it turns out that his upcoming single has quite the feature list.

The song “Run,” which features Tyga, 21 Savage, and BIA, will be released on Friday, June 24th, according to a recent announcement by YG. To have these musicians on a track with YG ought to be a blessing to our ears because each of them is more than capable of delivering a song on their own.

In fact, YG intends to produce a music video along with this song. YG provided a sneak glimpse of this video on Instagram in the video down below, and it is obvious that he is having a great time. In the image below, YG and Tyga are seated side by side in a stunning red Ferrari, both of them sporting wigs and masks that give them the appearance of women who have undergone a bit too much cosmetic procedures.

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