“It Was Hilarious,” Talib Kweli says in response to Kanye West’s criticism Of Him

Even though Talib Kweli has engaged in his fair share of fights over the years, the talk in hip-hop circles continues to center on his complicated relationship with Kanye West. Ye’ garnered media attention last year for his controversial Drink Champs interview with NORE and DJ EFN. The DONDA rapper attacked many of his closest associates during the conversation, including Big Sean, John Legend, and Talib Kweli.

“If you ask 99 percent of people, ‘Do you want to be Kweli or do you wanna be Ye?’ Most people are gonna wanna be Ye. I love Kweli. I never really liked the way he rapped,” said Ye. In an earlier sit-down interview with Drink Champs, Talib was joined by Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey, and other members of the BlackStar band.

He spoke frankly about Kanye’s not-so-subtle jab, stating, “That was good time. It felt like having a hit record out. The way that I remember that ‘Get By’ was out. It reminded me of what Kanye mean to the culture. The hat shit was funny to me — it was hilarious.”

Kweli admitted that he was taken aback by the jab, although laughing it off as just Ye being Ye because they had just been together at Dave Chappelle’s stand-up show in New York a month earlier.

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