Iyanya On Why He Pushed Fan Who Was Spraying Him Off The Stage

Afrobeat star Iyanya Mbuk has explained why he pushed a fan off stage when they were throwing money at him. The musician came under fire after a video of his abusive behavior went viral. The musician admitted that the fan was slapping him with cash in response to the criticism.

Iyanya On Why He Pushed Fan Who Was Spraying Him Off The Stage, Yours Truly, News, March 1, 2024

At a function hosted in Lagos State, the singer performed to so much excitement and fanfare. Videos of iyanya singing and later pushing a fan, spraying him with a bundle of naira notes while he was acting on stage in a furious manner circulated online.  He emphasized that he attempted to stop the man with his hands, but he persisted. The artist claimed he had no choice but to force the fan off stage despite being annoyed by the behavior. He said that doing so is disrespectful no matter how much money you spray on someone.

I attempted to grasp the man’s hands, but he started smacking my face with the money. First, don’t smack someone with it, no matter how much you spray; that’s impolite, he wrote. Iyanya claimed on Twitter that despite the man’s warnings, he continued to slap him with money. Because he was unwilling to allow a false narrative to circulate, he had to come and defend himself from the questioning cybernauts.


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