J. Cole Baffles The Warriors GM By Admitting He Started Smoking Cigarettes At The Age Of Six

J. Cole isn’t flawless, and he’s come to realize that his deeds might cause harm to others. During an interview with Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers on ESPN, Cole related a personal anecdote about the moment he began smoking cigarettes on a regular basis at the age of six.

About the four-minute mark in the video, Cole responded to Myers’ inquiry about the most foolish thing he had ever done. He claimed that he smoked for two to three weeks at that age. His brother overheard him asking one of their homies if they had any cigarettes when he was at the residence where it was taking place.

Cole’s brother walked home to tell their mother after hearing what had baffled him. Cole laughed dismissively at the idea of getting into trouble. In other parts of the interview, Cole discussed discovering his direction and receiving validation in his rap career. He shared that in the past, he used to take negative reviews of his music seriously.

Cole concluded the discussion by saying that the kind of life he envisions for his children is one in which they learn and understand life early—something that took him decades to master. He said he wants them learn life lessons on time that’ll lead them to peace quicker. Watch the full interview below.

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