Jack Harlow Announces Release Date For New Studio Album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You”

Jack Harlow has a new album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You”, ready for release on the 6th of May.

Rapper, Jack Harlow, born and bred in Kentucky, has put out an official announcement for his forthcoming studio album, Come Home The Kids Miss You. The new project was formally brought to the world’s notice through Jack’s new cover story for Rolling Stone Mag.

Uncovering that his upcoming studio album will be released on May 6th, Jack also shared that “Nail Tech”, his latest track is the lead single for the project and will in fact be amongst the tracklist. The rapper, however, reveals that the single is actually his least fave song off the album. Jack really does know a thing or two about whetting appetites.

“But I know the effect it’s gonna have on people,” he said about ‘Nail Tech’. “I’m spitting, and there’s energy behind the beat. I have different tastes. I can’t believe people love to listen to ‘Tyler Herro’ on repeat and ‘What’s Poppin’ on repeat.”

Jack lost no time to state the mission he setting out for with his new music, with an inner desire to be the face of his generation.

“My new sh*t is much more serious. Right now, my message is letting muhf*ckers know I love hip-hop, and I’m one of the best in my generation,” said Jack.

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