Jada P Declines Wizkid’s Invitation to Speak at Afronation Event

Wizkid's manager and baby mama, Jada P, shyly refuses to address the crowd at Afronation

In a recent event that has stirred up conversations among fans, Jada Pollock, popularly known as Jada P, declined a request from renowned Nigerian singer, Wizkid, to speak at the Afronation event. Jada P, who is not only Wizkid’s manager but also the mother of his child, was asked to address the crowd following Wizkid’s electrifying performance at the event.

The incident, which was captured in a video that has since gone viral, shows Wizkid handing over the microphone to Jada P, encouraging her to say a few words to the audience. However, Jada P shyly declined the request, leading to playful teasing from Wizkid who asked, “Are you shy?”

This light-hearted moment between Wizkid and Jada P has been received with amusement by fans, who have taken to social media to comment on the incident. The video has been shared widely, with many fans expressing their admiration for the close relationship between the singer and his manager.

Despite the playful incident, Wizkid’s performance at Afronation was met with rave reviews, further cementing his status as one of Nigeria’s top musical talents. As for Jada P, despite her reluctance to take the spotlight, her role in managing Wizkid’s successful career continues to be highly regarded in the music industry.

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