Jastin Martin Releases New Single ‘Why Not?’, Teases Upcoming Debut Project

Dallas, Texas – Jastin Martin, a rising singer-songwriter and trap-soul musician, releases her most recent song, “Why Not?” with a vivacious, joyful spirit while maintaining her distinctive minimalist style. Through Def Jam Recordings, the captivating track and related music video are on sale today across all digital service platforms. Since her stunning acoustic performance of “Right My Wrongs,” which has accumulated over 2 million YouTube views in just one month of its release, Martin has triumphantly returned with this vivacious ballad.

The Houston native is now finishing up work on her eagerly anticipated debut album, MISS ME YET? Her prior songs “Right My Wrongs” and “Why Not?” showcased her raw sensitivity and diverse artistic abilities, and the album is expected to do the same. In the following weeks, fans can anticipate learning more details regarding the release of this fascinating initiative.

Martin’s grandfather provided her with a wide variety of musical inspirations that helped to define her sound, from Bob Marley to Brooks & Dunn. Her grandmother, a native of Louisiana, instilled a love of zydeco, while her mother exposed her to the music of Lenny Kravitz and Evanescence. Martin began recording in a studio at the age of 16, and by the time she was 20 and attending the historically black institution Grambling State, she had mastered the guitar and self-taught production.

Martin has been regularly posting her original songs online since 2016. Her guitar-infused, subdued melodies have captivated listeners. With her distinctly intimate vocals and frank language, songs like “Again” and “Reassurance” struck a powerful chord with fans. As Martin puts it, “My writing is so detailed that I wouldn’t have to tell anyone a song is about them – they would know it.” Her songs’ powerful emotions are so genuine.

She keeps a regular presence on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, where she shares details about how she writes songs as well as advice. Her music-making process is incredibly intimate and genuine, whether writing lyrics in her bedroom, coming up with a melody in a park, or playing guitar loops on top of her apartment building.

“Sometimes, just writing and strumming my guitar in the park can move me to tears. It’s a wave of emotions like nothing else,” she confesses. This raw emotional intensity is reflected in her songs, resulting in a smooth, emotive neo-soul that serves as a comforting balm to her listeners. As Martin sums it up, “If I’m going to give something of myself, I might as well give all of it.”


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