Jay Weinberg Of Slipknot Uncovers Which Joey Jordison-Era Songs He Loved The Most

Drummer, Jay Weinberg joined Slipknot back in 2014 following the departure of founding drummer Joey Jordison, the year prior. Weinberg recently spoke to T95 The Rock Station about his joining the band and being asked if there were any Jordison-era songs that were his favorites of favorites.

Weinberg said the band started picking a few songs they hadn’t ever played live off Iowa, and that he really had a thing for “Metabolic” and “The Shape.”

“Yeah, there were a bunch. We had one show, we were looking at, like, what songs… This is going back a couple of years, but we were looking at one song that hadn’t been played yet, like ever. And we were kind of determining that there’s only like three other songs off of the Iowa record that the band has never played live before. And so we started like, ‘Okay, let’s tackle one, let’s do ‘Metabolic.’ That had never been played live ever. And we did, it felt awesome.

“And that was really great. And so, we were like, ‘Let’s make a conscious decision to learn all the songs and let’s do one show where we play the whole record.’ And so that meant playing ‘The Shape’ for the first time. And that was really rad.”

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