Jay-Z Speaks On The Misconstrued “U Don’t Know” Bar Cited In New Pusha T’s Arby’s Track

Pusha T has been dishing out hot tracks in preparation for his forthcoming album. Building up the buzz after putting out “Diet Coke” and featuring on Nigo’s “Hear Me Clearly,” the rapper has rolled out yet another surprising track, this time in the form of jingle for Arby’s.

The rapper popped out with a new diss track in which he fired some lethal shots at McDonald’s in Arby’s new ad for their spicy fish sandwich. Now a journalist in the person of Sowmya Krishnamurthy has pointed out that the lyrics of the McDonald’s diss track included a reference to Jay-Z’s “U Don’t Know” (“Look, I could sell water to a whale”).

“So @Pusha_T new Arby’s track seems to have a JAY-Z reference,” Krishnamurthy tweeted. “I’m bugging. Did I have ‘U Don’t Know’ wrong for 21 years?! So I had to ask JAY-Z. Was his line: A: ‘I’ll sell water to a WHALE.’ B: ‘I’ll sell water to a WELL.’ C: Both. Here’s his response! Haaa!! @sc x @JustBlaze.”

She then proceeded to share a screenshot of a text message gotten from Just Blaze who passed on a message from Jay, confirming the double entendre.

“From Hov,” Just Blaze wrote. “Haaaa!!!! Well/whale. It’s never a coincidence when these things happen. I try to make things work on multiple levels every time I sit down to create. It keeps me engaged.”

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