Jennifer Garner Gets Caught In Good-natured Feud Between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Photo credit: AP

Hugh Jackman was present at the premiere for Ryan Reynolds’ new movie but got stuck with the wrong co-star.

It’s well known that when Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds do basically anything, the other will be there to pass a comment on it. While the ongoing “feud” is nothing beyond good-natured jabs at each other, it may likely not come to an end, and it is not showing signs of slowing down now either.

Hugh Jackman came through to the premiere of Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, and lamented about how he had to get a picture with Ryan Reynolds and not The Adam Project’s co-star, Jennifer Garner. Ouch. Hugh recently went for the movie premiere of The Adam Project, the new Netflix SciFi flick starring Ryan Reynolds as a time traveler that had to pay his younger self a needed visit.

He shared a picture on Instagram of the event, where he says he wanted to get a photo with only Jennifer Garner, who is playing the mother of Ryan Reynolds’ younger version. Instead of getting his desires granted, he got stuck with Reynolds, and director, Shawn Levy, with whom he has also worked with on “Real Steel”.

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