Jin Of BTS Will Be Reporting For Military Duty Next Month

After five weeks of training at the boot camp, Jin, who turns 30 on December 4, will be sent to a unit, the publication reported on Thursday. The South Korean Ministry of Defense and BTS’ organization, HYBE, denied requests for confirmation of the allegation.

Jin made a suggestion that he would be moving to the “front-line” in a social media post last week. After years of ambiguity, the organization declared in October that it would begin Jin’s forced military duty. After everyone has served, the group intends to work on various projects before coming back together in 2025, according to HYBE.

The military service requirement in South Korea is 18 to 21 months for all physically fit men between the ages of 18 and 28. That indicates that 29-year-old Jin, the senior member of the wildly successful septet, is getting close to the age cutoff. According to sources in the military and business, he will start his required five-week training at Yeoncheon in the Gyeonggi province before being sent to a “frontline unit,” the Yonhap news agency said on Thursday.

Fans were devastated and moved by the news; some even expressed worry for Jin’s safety. BTS is recognized for contributing billions to the South Korean economy, and despite holding fewer concerts during the coronavirus pandemic, its label saw a rise in income.

The question of whether the K-Pop singers should be exempt from military service has been debated for years in South Korea as a result of the prospect of mandatory military service hanging over them.

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