Joe Budden Claims That While Filming “Belly,” He Attempted To Take On DMX

Joe Budden enjoys sharing anecdotes from different points in hip-hop history. His anecdotes include turning down Kanye West’s offer to open for him and being charged $250,000 by Jay-Z for a verse on a remix of “Pump It Up.” Budden recently recalled another fascinating interaction with a rap superstar during an interview with the Flip Da Script Podcast.

Budden first replied “no” when asked if he had ever engaged in rap combat with any upcoming artists, but he later added, “I used to say I battled DMX.” Clarifying further, he said: “That wasn’t really a battle. I was battling, he wasn’t battling.”

Budden allegedly approached DMX while they were filming “Belly”, the 1998 crime drama in which DMX co-starred with Nas, Method Man, and Taral Hicks. The famed New York rapper refused to engage in a fight when Budden attempted to start one. Budden acknowledged, “I was just rapping. But he was supposed to rap.”

In Jersey City, Budden claimed that he had noticed the opportunity to approach X as they were filming the movie in front of his mother’s building. There was just one problem: “He had to go shoot a scene.” Budden also recalls Swizz Beatz attempting to include him in a group that included Cassidy and Drag-On during the same interview.

See the excerpt from the interview below.

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