Joe Budden Explains Decision To Cut Diddy Segment From Latest Podcast

Joe Budden has announced that he will be discussing the resurfaced video of Diddy appearing to assault Cassie in a future episode of his podcast. Fans noticed he had removed his initial reaction from the “Two Brands, One Stone” episode. During an appearance on X Spaces on Saturday, he explained his decision. The disturbing footage was released by CNN the day before. Additionally, a social media user pointed out that the timestamp for discussing the situation was still in the description of the episode in question. The video has sparked a heated debate online about domestic violence and accountability in the music industry. Many eagerly await Joe Budden’s in-depth analysis and perspective on the controversial incident.

Joe explained this to his fans, saying

“We were in the middle of our show when that news broke,”

“So we spoke about it for four minutes and at the end before Sleepers [segment] we spoke about it again for another four minutes and we went on about our day.”

“It was insensitive for the moment. It was talking for four minutes about what happened and three minutes at the end is not the attention the story needs. We gonna get to it on [Wednesday’s episode] . I have absolutely zero ties with Diddy or anybody Diddy related. Yesterday was my very first time seeing something like that and it was tough to watch for many reasons.”

Diddy will not be facing criminal charges regarding the incident shown in the video. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office explained in a statement on Friday night that, although the clip is “disturbing,” the statute of limitations for assault has passed.

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